Make Your Next Religious Tour by Choosing a Hotel Close to Jerusalem Old City

Religious day tours are popular in Jerusalem and annually hundreds of thousands of pilgrims make their way to the Old City to visit and explore places significant in the history of their religion. The focus on the Old City of Jerusalem is obvious, since this is considered a meaningful place for the three largest religions in the world - Christianity, Islam and Judaism.
With the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, one finds the holiest places for different religions. It is home to the ‘Wailing Wall’, and the Dome of the Rock above the Western Wall. A few minutes away is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, believed to be the exact spot where Jesus was crucified and buried. Due to demand, it is often difficult to book a hotel close to Jerusalem’s Old City. Pilgrims and guests are on a quest for prize accommodation, so you will find it hard securing a room on the day or even the weekend you are planning to visit. When you want a stress-free pilgrimage or visit, make sure you check the hotel’s website in advance, and book a room. Choose a hotel near Jerusalem’s Old City to serve as your accommodation based on your lifestyle and needs.
There are more than 300 hotels in Jerusalem, each with its own unique selling points. If the tour includes an exploration of the sights and culture, then you should look for a hotel near Machane Yehuda, to offer you quick access to the market. A hotel close to Machane Yehuda will offer you convenience, knowing that the famed market is close by, and the Old City, where you can enjoy taking a religious tour, is only a few minutes away.  |  כתובת: המלך ג'ורג' 17, (פינת ההסתדרות 2) ירושלים 9426102  |  טל: 02-6509494   |   פקס: 02-6509493   |  דוא"ל
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